Your body mind and spirit has purpose.

I’m Porsche, Business Mentor, Muse, Thrifter, and Creative from Houston, TX. I’m the quintessential Libra— you can find me somewhere flirting with a good book, or balancing truth, beauty, and justice.  

I help educators & impact-driven entrepreneurs leverage their unique strengths, talents, and life experiences to develop and scale brands that create change. 


Over the last 9 years I’ve earned a living solving complex issues in our society. As a Social Entrepreneur, my challenge has been to help level the playing-field for people with disabilities ranging from Autism to Paraplegia. —Ya girl loves a challenge.



Using a system to help clients identify strengths, interests, goals and intentional habits, I’ve assisted thousands of people with disabilities secure meaningful employment. By far, this has certainly been my most challenging yet rewarding career.


Despite the growing success, however, I felt something was missing. So I left my successful startup on a mission to discover my purpose.  I unplugged from the world and began my soul searching journey- reading countless books, researching, meditating, connecting with nature, and exploring my passions. 


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Prioritizing purpose in my life was the best decision I’ve ever made because it led to a powerful inward transformation, but it didn’t come easy. 

I gracefully hit rock bottom along my journey; I was financially and emotionally bankrupt before I received this powerful revelation:


Pursuing purpose is not about saving the world or even a dream job, it's about cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself, aligning with your soul's intuitive wisdom, and creating meaningful memories along the way. 

I hope sharing my journey will inspire you to align with your divine assignment and live more abundantly. 

 Love + Light


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My Values.

I’m driven by my passion for purpose. 

I dream of a world of purpose-driven people — who live authentically, and are the authors of their own story.

Where people find themselves before they seek careers, or spouses.

A balanced world where there is political, social and economic justice.

Where communities use sustainability and accountability to end systems of oppression.

I hope you find this space Inspiring, creating & uplifting

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My mission is to live with the highest integrity and to align my vision with my soul's intuitive wisdom. To develop spiritually, creatively, and philanthropically; and to help a million others positively impact the world through Social Entrepreneurship.

I am personally committed to these guiding values...

 Self-Knowledge, Justice, Spiritual Development, Community Impact, Service, Creativity & Balance


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